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LouSSM's finances depend entirely upon students' diligence in meeting their financial agreement with us.  Your tuition covers the cost for the entire school curriculum and online live speakers.  In order to keep our expenses down, we will be leaving on the "cutting edge" of finances as many of you do.  As money comes in, it will be utilized for the school's needs - events, miscellaneous school supplies and special live speakers - so we ask that you would pray for us as we make each financial decision and also help us by paying for your school tuition on time.  Thank you so much!

In light of the above I choose to handle all my finances with integrity so that I am able to pay my school tuition in the manner agreed upon and on time.  I understand that all of my tuition must be paid in full in order to graduate from school and I will regularly communicate any changes in my financial status.



Because the school tuition is kept to a minimum expense, the yearly tuition cost is based on the number of students enrolled.  At this time we are basing the 2018/19 school year tuition on an enrollment of a minimum of 25 students and that cost would be $300 for the year.  


  • #1 - 1st semester tuition (1/2 of annual tuition) to be paid by Oct 2nd.

  • #2 - 2nd semester tuition (2nd 1/2 of tuition) to be paid by Dec 18th.


  • #1 - 1/4 annual tuition to be paid by Oct 2nd.

  • #2 - 1/4 annual tuition to be paid by Nov 6th.

  • #3 - 1/4 annual tuition to be paid by Dec 18th.

  • #4 - 1/4 annual tuition to be paid by Feb 12th.

FOR PREARRANGED SPECIAL SITUATIONS - We can give you a personalized payment plan.

LouSSM Financial Responsibility Agreement

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