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Updated: Oct 12, 2019

One of my favorite teachers is Wendy Backlund who is on pastoral staff with her husband at Bethel Church. She often talks about the importance and power of knowing our identity. This a summary of her comments at a woman's conference.

I used to get frustrated and feel defeated always trying to become a better Christian until the Lord reminded me that I was trying to become something I already was - but didn't believe. Instead of living in the reality that I was a butterfly, I kept trying to be a better caterpillar. He reminded me that when He came to live inside of me, my DNA changed - I could try to act like a caterpillar, but I was a butterfly. In essence, He said, "You are trying to do what you don't believe you are. You must start with believing; transform your thinking." I saw that my biggest challenge was not to do what He did, or act like He acted - but to believe like He believed! He looked at 5 loaves and 2 fish and saw enough to feed thousands. He observed a young boy being carried to his funeral - but HE SAW a young boy raising from the dead and a rejoicing mother and friends! There was a man in our church who I thought was irresponsible in how he provided for his family. There were numerous times, however, when he would say, "I'm going to believe God for the money to go to that conference!" and the money would come. I was offended by what I saw as God rewarding his poor stewardship. But God spoke to me and said, "Wendy, I'm trying to get you to see something. You're trying to break off poverty in your life by trying to earn blessing with tithing, giving, etc. but you don't really believe who you already are. As soon as I start blessing you too much, you unconsciously start sabotaging yourself because you don't feel worthy of it. You need to see yourself like I see you because you can only receive what you think you're worth. " In essence, I needed to see with my spirit - not my old negative feelings - who I already was - a radically loved daughter of an ever present, ever generous Father, and who drew her resources from His kingdom of unlimited supply. I needed to CHOOSE TO SEE what He saw so that I could receive what He was already wanting to provide. I was not LESS THAN and He was not withholding. I simply had to intentionally let go of my picture of reality and choose to SEE from His until it became my reality.

Who are you going to choose to see today?

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