• Linda Hefner


Updated: Oct 5, 2017

On the first night of school I shared that we sang together the song, "Miracles" feeling like it was what we were declaring for the coming school year. What I didn't share was the story behind the song. Its such an incredible story of hope and faith in the midst of loss - a belief that no matter what we walk through, God IS STILL GOOD. He NEVER changes! We've all walked through difficult situations for which we didn't have answers. Those are hard times. But the thing that will sustain us in the darkest days is that God IS ALWAYS GOOD - A-L-W-A-Y-S!! We live in a broken world but LOVE still wins and LIGHT still overcomes the darkness. And no matter what I don't have the answer to in the present moment, I still believe in miracles - in me... through me... around me. When I don't have the answers, He is there and I know the next miracle is just around the corner. The God of ALL HOPE lives inside of me and I get to give Him away every day. HOPE is a person - and He's absolutely GOOD!

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