• Linda Hefner

Our First Night of School!

So exciting to begin our new year at LouSSM! We were ALL SO excited about what God is going to do this year. Worship was awesome as Dick Hefner led in a new song called "Miracles" by Chris Quilala. He shared that he felt it was going to be our theme song for the year.

We also prayed for a young woman,Anna, one of Dick's patients and a leader's family member in our school. We joined together in believing God to send His healing and delivering power to each of them. As Bill Johnson spoke in our lecture that night, "When we pray for people we are simply delivering a check we didn't write."

We then watched our new favorite teaching by Bill Johnson called "Spiritual Inheritance". We were undone by the revelation of the incredible inheritance that has been given us. Our hearts cry out to walk in all that has been freely given to us as sons and daughters.

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