• Linda Hefner

True Identity

To some, this statement can sound arrogant, even blasphemous. It would be if it were not THE TRUTH. Jesus made some outrageous statements while on earth - things like "...say this mountain..." or "...heal the sick, raise the dead...", or even "...cast out demons...". The problem is that He absolutely meant them for US...for HERE...and for NOW. Therefore my daily challenge is choosing whether to remain in the comfort zone of my small but safe thinking - and have little impact on the world - or to swallow the truth whole and let it nourish my soul and spirit into unity about who I REALLY AM. WE ARE the outrageously LOVED children of a REALLY...GOOD...DAD and we carry His DNA everywhere we go. We are change agents... atmosphere shifters... hope releasers... life givers. Our elder brother died and left us an inheritance that He longs for us to spend - freely and generously - all we have to do is GIVE IT AWAY!

This week, one of our students limped into class with moderate-severe pain in his feet due to a long standing medical issue. We prayed simple prayers. By the end of class he was walking back and forth across the room with NO pain - totally amazed! HE REALLY IS THAT GOOD!

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