On Earth as it is in Heaven


By Michael "Roscoe" Carmen

"God's will is for heaven's reality to become earth's reality."  

Bill Johnson

Here are stories of God showing up in ordinary everyday lives with everyday people.  He demonstrates what He desires to do when we simply say, "Yes!" to Him and let His Kingdom come in our midst.



By John Meyer

Bethel Salvation Story

The Normal Christian Life

Late Night at the Grocery Store


January 2019

Tuesday night I was at the grocery store and a clerk limped over to help me. I asked her what was wrong and she said she had a lot of pain in her left foot. So I STEPPED OUT OF MY COMFORT ZONE - it was almost 10pm and she wasn't busy - and asked if I could pray for her. She said YES.


So I stooped down and put my hand on her painful foot and asked the One who heals to show up and touch her. Short and sweet. Then I stood up and asked her how she felt. She looked at me wide eyed and said, "My foot is really hot and the pain is gone!"


She hugged me, kept thanking God and then proceeded to tell me about her back and knee pain. I said, "Okay, let's pray!" And there in the grocery store - my everyday world - I laid hands on her back and knee. I noticed someone waiting in line and mentioned it to her. She responded, "God's here so he can wait!" So I quickly finished without being able to check how she was feeling but I could tell it was better.


People around were watching and I was grateful that one woman met in a deeper way the God who loves deeply and shows up whenever we ask because He's just that good. 

Just Getting a Haircut


March 2019

The other day I was in Styling Salon for a haircut.  The wait was going to be awhile so as I sat there I began to talk to God about the young woman who was going to cut my hair.  I asked God if there was anything He wanted to tell me about her. ( From past encounters, I knew that she was a single mom with 2 children.)  I immediately got the picture of a chimpanzee.  I questioned whether I heard right but said, "What do you want to say about that?"  Then I heard, "She's very fun and she knows how to multitask well (as I saw a chimpanzee working with all four paws).  Then I saw that the chimpanzee had a baby chimp on her back.  "She also loves her children and is a good mom."  Then as my name was called I heard, "And tell her I know her name."

As I sat in the chair conversing with her, I asked her if she'd been fun when she was younger.  She said no.  That she had been serious when younger but after going through all the difficulty of becoming a single mom, she had learned to just have more fun in life.  Then I told her what God had told me about her.  She was amazed.  Then I told her that God said to tell her that He knew her name.  She stopped momentarily and then said that she had a grandfather that was a pastor in a very legalistic church and that her parents weren't willing to help her in any way since she had gotten herself into her situation.  I shared with her what her heavenly Father was really like - not religious, not legalistic, not condemning but that He was crazy about her.  She just kept cutting my hair as we talked about how much He loved her and how she was His radically loved daughter.  It turned into the longest conversation and shortest haircut I'd ever had at a salon, but a young woman was encountered by Her Father - because He's JUST THAT GOOD!